New Greiner Bio-One distribution subsidiaries in Spain and Portugal

With its acquisition of Vacuette España and Vacuette Portugal, its long-standing distribution partners, Greiner Bio-One is further building on its international market position. Customers in Spain and Portugal will be served directly by Greiner Bio-One’s own distribution subsidiaries with immediate effect. The two companies, Vacuette España, S.A. and Vacuette Portugal Importação e Exportação de Material Hospitalar, S.A., which the Greiner Group has worked together with successfully for over 20 years, were previously exclusive distributors for Greiner Bio-One International on the Iberian Peninsula. “Having our own local subsidiaries will bring us closer to our customers and enable us to cater to our markets even more effectively at an international level. The acquisition of Vacuette España and Vacuette Portugal is another key step in our globalization strategy,” says Axel Kühner, Chairman of the Management Board of the Greiner Group. “Following the establishment of our own distribution subsidiaries in Turkey and Italy last year, the new Greiner Bio-One sites in Spain and Portugal are the next step in systematic implementation of our distribution strategy in Europe,” adds Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International. The two subsidiaries in Madrid and Porto will continue to supply directly to their customers on both markets.
The acquisition agreements were officially signed at the end of February 2017 and entered into effect immediately on 1 March. “By attaining greater proximity to customers, we aim to develop the two markets on the Iberian Peninsula in an even more targeted way. The acquisitions mark the continuation of our growth over many years and allow us to step up services and customer care at the local level,” says Manfred Buchberger, CEO of Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics.